Anthony Russell Inc.

Anthony Russell Inc. is a strategic marketing consulting firm that provides trend analysis and hosts dynamic management meetings for retailers, shopping centres and associations internationally.

Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity, Ryerson University

CSCA is an academic research unit, based at Ryerson University, that focuses on tracking change in retail and associated commercial activity in Canada.

J.C. Williams Group

J.C. Williams Group are global consultants specializing exclusively in the retail industry, providing strategy and best consulting across all operational areas, and offering clients practical, creative, and actionable recommendations to make their retail operations more profitable.

MXD Development Strategists Ltd.

MXD Development Strategists Ltd is an International full service commercial development consulting firm specializing in the master planning and development of mixed-use, retail, resort, transportation and commercial projects.

Talbot Consultants International

Talbot Consultants International is a Toronto-based company providing a range of retail-related services, including consumer and customer demographic analysis, competitive analysis, market feasibility and impact studies, sales forecasting, site selection and store-network planning, geographic information systems, advertising and marketing strategies and store-design input, to retailers and retail developers worldwide.

Thomas Consultants Inc.

Thomas Consultants Inc. is a Vancouver-based retail development consulting firm providing market-based retail planning and development strategies for shopping centres, mixed-use, resort and transportation-oriented developments as well as major international retail development projects.